Topics, Pages, Items and Links
A Topic is a group of related pages of information. A Page may contain text and/or images, or may display a form, table or other information. Links are clickable boxes, displayed alongside pages to provide site navigation.
Six Topic Links are displayed on the public home page. When one is clicked, the topic's home page is displayed. Other pages in the topic are accessed via links displayed alongside this page
General Topic Content Management
A topic is classified as "Active", "New", "Provisional", or "Archive". All available topics are listed (left).
Active topics (and their pages) are locked if publicly visible on the live website
A new topic is fully editable and is not visible on the live website
A provisional topic's pages may be visible online, and can be modified
Archived topics can be modified if required for re-publication online
Editorial Management
Full access to all content and editorial functions is restricted to (the) Web Editor(s), who's roles are to control the published online content by:
Sub-editing pages to ensure compliance and consistent page design
Controling the published website content by making new, provisional, or archived topics active and potentially visible
Managing the website front page content by allocating topics to the six topic links
Final approval of new and provisional pages before publication